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Who doesn’t want to wake up to blue skies even during the winter? Ok, the sun may not be shining, however; you still get the feel good factor to waking up to a bright day. Living in Turkey changes your perspective to life everything is at a slower pace, one of the great joys is enjoying a leisurely breakfast whilst sat on your own terrace taking in the views and simply loving the start to your day. You will soon find yourself adapting to this lovely life enjoying long walks whether you’re in the countryside, city or close to a beach sitting at a café enjoying a coffee or something long and cool and watching the world go by can be an enjoyable daily event.

It’s often said that the simple things in life make us happy and it’s true for most of us and especially if you’re close to a beautiful beach where you can relax and take in the fresh air, pack a picnic and enjoy a full day lazing on a golden sandy beach its pure heaven. One of the great things about living in Turkey is you almost always feel like you’re on holiday, of course, you wouldn’t eat out every night as your finances probably wouldn’t allow it but, to live in a lovely little coastal village can be idyllic.

So if you’re considering a move to Turkey what would you miss about where you live now? What is there to miss about being stuck in heavy motorway traffic and feeling stresses and strains of everyday life? Take for example shopping, it can be a dreaded weekly event however once you move to this beautiful country you no longer have to do the weekly shop at a busy superstore frantic to get home before the teatime traffic begins.

Local markets in Turkey are everywhere and here you can buy all your fresh fruit and vegetables, farm eggs, vast selections of olives and cheeses, poultry, bread and the most delicious honey still on the honeycomb; it’s all fresh and very low in cost. I also think you eat better in Turkey everyone I meet always without fail says that they miss Turkish food and locally grown produce. Fresh fish found all along the coastline is delicious and served with a fresh green salad and crusty bread is to die for and it’s a fraction of what you would pay in Europe.

So what are the benefits of living along the Turkish coastline? Living a luxurious lifestyle, eating healthier with all the fresh local produce available, feeling happy and relaxed, taking in the fresh air, having time to kick back and relax and enjoy the lifestyle that we all crave for, waking up to beautiful blue skies, warm spring times, long hot summers and mild winters. It’s a feeling of well-being and enjoying life and taking the time to appreciate your surroundings, nothing is perfect but I have to say it’s not far from having it all!

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