Malaysia-understanding of its culture, people and lifestyle

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Move to or live in Malaysia?

Malaysia was always on my list of “possible” places to live in Asia. The primary reasons, for me, was that Malaysia seemed to be calling out for people to relocate there. It seemed living in Malaysia was quite viable, on paper.

Options were open, I took notes, filed them away, and 6 + years later I finally made it here.

Now that I am here, what’s the on the ground reality of a possible life in Malaysia really like?

First, a brief exploration of Malaysia, by way of travel

Writing down Malaysia as a possible option to find a place to live is one thing. Actually arriving and experiencing Malaysia, or any other country for that matter, is another thing.

I start with an idea, some practical knowledge, some experience, and say … “Okay, now lets put all that to the test …”

It’s only when I physically arrive in a place, that I can actually get a gut feel of whether things would be good or not.

Traveling a country is a good way to understand more about how the place works

For me, when I arrived in Sabah, Malaysia, my gut instinct was a good one. I liked the place. Especially Kota Kinabalu. The city is just nice.

It was only when I arrived that I really could understand that Malaysia was split into three very separate parts. And, in more than just the physical sense.

Peninsular, or West Malaysia, Sarawak (Borneo) and Sabah (Borneo), are all part of “Malaysia” but very different from each other.

Traveling Malaysia to get an understanding of its culture, people and lifestyle

Travel in Malaysia is very, very, easy. It’s a tourist hotbed, and as such, everything is presented to you with ease.

This, however, also brings the small challenge of going beyond travel and actually discovering how the real Malaysia works. As opposed to what the hotel receptionist or tour guide is trained to tell you.

And, I very much enjoyed traveling Malaysia. In particular, Sabah which I will return to. I also had to postpone parts of Sarawak for a personal reason

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